Choosing Between Faux and Genuine Wood Blinds

Choosing Between Faux and Genuine Wood Blinds Near Baltimore, Maryland (MD) for Dining Room Design

It is the great debate that has transcended through time: choosing between faux and genuine wood blinds. Both styles offer unique benefits, designs, and functions that can help enhance any window in your home. This makes it a little daunting to choose between the two! However, our team of experts here at Dress Your Windows is here to help you find the perfect blinds for your home. Read on to discover the many benefits and considerations that our gorgeous collection of faux and genuine wood blinds have to offer to find your match.

The Best Homes for Faux Wood Blinds

As with any big design decision, the first step in choosing between faux and genuine wood blinds is to see what functional and aesthetic requirements your home has. For example, if you love the look of genuine wood but have heavy foot traffic, young kids, pets, exposure to humidity, or any other factor that could potentially damage your blinds, then you will need a blind that is made of durable material. That is where our collection of faux wood blinds come in.

Combining the rich, genuine look of wood and durable material that will never scratch, chip, fade, or peel, our faux wood shades are perfect for homes that need a sturdy blind that can stand the test of time. Whether you place these blinds in your bedroom or in a humid bathroom, they will look good as new and require little maintenance throughout the years. This is thanks to the durable combination of hardwood and engineered polymer material seen within each slat of our composite blinds and the engineered polymer material seen in our polymer blinds. Offered in a variety of best-selling neutrals, whites, and enhanced wood grain tones, our collection of faux wood blinds will give any window an upgrade and make choosing between faux and genuine wood blinds easier than ever.

The Best Homes for Genuine Wood Blinds

On the other hand, homes that do not see a lot of potential traffic near their blinds, love the warmth of authentic wood, and wish to place their blinds in dens, offices, bedrooms, and other areas that are free of humidity will benefit best from our genuine wood blinds. Crafted to fit your window precisely, genuine wood blinds offer a classy look that will never go out of style. Featuring tilting horizontal slats, our genuine wood blinds boast custom light and privacy control while the slats themselves absorb outside noise and provide insulation. Plus, with over 50 colors and styles to choose from, you can make these blinds you very own. You can even take your custom design a step further by choosing from enhanced grain, distressed, rustic, and bamboo finishes.

Of course, these genuine wood blinds do more than just look great. They can also be operated easily with any of our innovative systems. For example, you can choose corded, cordless, or our RemoteTilt Motorization System to operate your blinds in a way that is easiest for your home. When it comes to choosing between faux and genuine wood blinds, homes that enjoy easy operation and gorgeous designs will love the benefits that our genuine wood blinds offer.


After considering upkeep, design, and durability, choosing between faux and genuine wood blinds for homes has never been easier. To learn more about each collection, be sure to contact us today! An at-home shopping service, Dress Your Windows offers free consultations and proudly serves Anne Arundel, Eastern Shore, Kent Island, Prince George and the Great Baltimore/Washington area.

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