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Three Perks of Virtual Design Consultations

Three Perks of Virtual Design Consultations near Baltimore, Maryland (MD), including Shopping at Home

When you go on the hunt for the perfect formal dress or suit, you will most likely want to try it on before buying it. This allows you to see if you like the color, cut, and the way it feels. The same can be said for your window treatments! Offering virtual design consultations, our team of experts can help you see various shades on your windows to find the best match for you. This lets you see which window treatments look best before taking the plunge. Read on to discover three perks of virtual design consultations. Read more

The Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

The Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms near Baltimore, Maryland (MD), that will Keep their Shape

When it comes to finding the right window treatments for each room, you will most likely have a few requirements at the top of your Must Have List. Bedroom window treatments, for example, should offer personality. Living room window treatments, on the other hand, should let in natural lighting. Of course, when it comes to our bathrooms, the same requirement is often at the top of everyone’s list: privacy. From steaming showers to bubble baths, your bathroom should offer privacy day in and day out while standing up to the elements. Fortunately, we have a variety of window treatments for you to choose from. Read on to discover the best window treatments for bathrooms. Read more

Adding Motorized Blinds to Homes

Adding Motorized Blinds to Homes near Washington D.C. as a Child-Friendly Window Treatment Option

Phones. Cars. Blenders. While these items might seem incredibly different, they all have one thing in common: convenience. Instead of writing letters, we can catch up with an old friend just by pressing their name on our cellphones. Instead of riding horses, we can hop in our cars and be anywhere within a few hours. Instead of manually blending, we can throw our favorite ingredients into a blender and enjoy a smoothie. There are many benefits to adding convenience into our lives, including our windows. For example, instead of fussing with cords throughout the day to achieve light, shade, and privacy, our motorized window treatments allow you to remotely control your blinds with ease. Read on to discover the many benefits of adding motorized blinds to homes. Read more